Last updated on 1-7-2019

About me

For me, everything is about stories, whether I write them myself or help others make their stories the best they can be. I am a…


I started writing stories as soon as I found out how letters worked, and have never stopped since. In those stories I’m always looking for lifelike characters and surprising twists, often in a world that does not (quite) look like our own. From time to time I write fictional documents as part of a larger project, for which I imitate, for example, the style of a 19th century letter or official report. Recently I’ve also been writing blogs and articles, mostly about fiction writing.


It started during high school, when I founded a website for beginning writers and diligently provided both friends and strangers with feedback on their stories. More recently I completed a course in editing at the Schrijversacademie (“Writers’ Academy”) and worked on several books as a freelance editor. My allergy for linguistic mistakes, as well as a critical eye for things like story structure, have proved to be very useful.

Game designer

The stories were always there, but through my Bachelor of Art and Technology course at the University of Art Utrecht, I started seeing the many ways in which interaction with the audience can enrich a story. I look at games with a writer’s eye, always focused on the best way to tell the story, and at stories with a game designer’s eye: how do I want to lead the reader through the story’s world, and how can I accomplish that?

Jack of all trades

Graphic design, (web) programming, drawing, 3D modelling… I have a well-filled toolbox for bringing stories to life. In the past I’ve worked on some projects where I focused on one of these skills. I’ve specialised since then, but it’s still handy to occasionally be able to contribute to a project in multiple ways—and to build my quirky website from the ground up.

Want to know more? The rest of this website gives an impression of what all this can look like in practice. And of course, you can always contact me.