Homepage update

21-7-2019 15:48

An unusual layout means paying extra attention to whether visitors can find their way around the site. Two recent additions should make it easier to navigate the front page: dates and categories.

The idea behind my website is and will always be to have a place to put all the beautiful things I’ve ever worked on. At the same time, it would be nice if visitors could see at a glance whether they’re looking at a recent or old project, because interests and skills are prone to change over the years. The solution was obvious (and a surprising amount of work): most of the ‘islands’ now have a date next to them. I’ve chosen the year of completion or the period during which a longer-running project was active. That means unfinished projects, like Stories from Mennistriam, are still without a date.

My various projects were always more or less organised by type, but a visitor had to guess at those categories. Therefore I’ve spent an afternoon doing calligraphy to make labels in the style of geographical names on an old map—it has to match the style, of course! At the moment the categories are ‘Prose’, ‘Games’, ‘LARP’, ‘Interactive theatre’ and ‘Online’. They show what to expect of the islands around them, but also offer new possibilities for the future. High on my wishlist, for example, is a way to directly navigate to a category.

As you can see, there’s always more to do. Speaking of which: suggestions for the improvement of the website are always welcome!

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