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“I’m sorry, but you can’t leave until you tell me. Where are you from and what is it that you seek in the colonies?”

These are the words of a mysterious woman that calls herself ‘the rani’, and she asks the question of Devan Rensburg, Herald’s protagonist. The game is set in an alternative version of the year 1857, in which a worldwide colonial empire is having some difficulties staying in control. In these turbulent times Devan, a young man of mixed heritage, sailed to the colonies in search of his past… And now he is a prisoner in a luxuriously furnished tower, and a stern Indian woman wants to know everything about his voyage. It is up to the player to discover what has happened in the meantime, and to help determine the course of the story.

Herald, a story-driven adventure game that is not afraid to confront themes such as inequality and racism, is being developed by Wispfire, and I’ve been working as a freelancer on the narrative side of the game since late 2014. I helped develop the storyline, wrote bits of dialogue and many other texts, and went over all the texts countless times to make sure they ended up in the game as flawless as possible. Furthermore I put the ship’s crew to work—or lazing around—in every scene, to give the impression of a ship being lived on, designed various in-game documents such as letters or diaries, and assisted here and there by putting dialogues into the game files or fixing some bugs.

On 22 February 2017, Herald: Book I & II became available for sale on Steam, GOG, and Humble. Book III & IV will follow later to complete the story, and I will be working on those as well.

The game’s official website is:

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