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Exodus is a story-driven game, made in 2009 for a school project at my University of Arts Utrecht course, Design for Virtual Theatre and Games. It’s about a future war between humans and aliens, inspired by the then topical Israel-Palestine conflict. As a commander in a military organisation you have to take the right decisions in an attempt to ensure a good outcome to the war.

The gameplay aims to put the player in the shoes of the main character as much as possible. As a player, you’re looking at nothing more or less than the computer system used by the main character to give out orders. The gameplay consists mostly of dialogues with characters like the leader of the human military and the alien ambassador, offering you choices that will influence the storyline. The entire game is in English.

In this project, my main role was that of the programmer. I developed a system that allowed the writer to deliver his dialogues in simple text files that were loaded directly into the game, so that he didn’t have to touch the code. I also took the pictures and edited some of them.

Click here to download the game (compressed as .rar; 88,4 MB)

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