Last updated on 13-8-2022

About me

For me, everything is about stories, whether I write them myself or help others make their stories the best they can be. I am a…


I started writing stories as soon as I figured out how letters worked and have never stopped since. Fantasy worlds have always played an important role, but the more I develop my writing voice, the more I emphasize the personal struggles of characters who don’t quite fit the existing boxes their world offers them.

In addition to my own stories, I regularly write articles about writing (in Dutch). I’ve also written fictional documents and other texts for various projects, including LARPs and a game.

Writing coach

On my own writing journey, I learned how huge the differences between writers’ brains are and that techniques that work great for one person, may hinder or block another. It made me want to help other writers find their own, unique writing process. After training as an editor at the Schrijversacademie and completing several projects as a freelance editor, I started my own company Fictera as a writing coach in 2021. Offering personal feedback and coaching as well as a range of free resources, I want to provide writers with the tools and support they need to bring the stories in their heads to life on paper.

Game writer

My education at the University of Art Utrecht (Bachelor of Art and Technology) taught me to recognize the many ways in which interaction with the audience can enrich a story. I look at games with a writer’s eye, always focused on the best way to tell the story, and at stories with a game designer’s eye: how do I want to lead the reader through the story’s world, and how can I accomplish that?


I’m always in the process of making something, and have accumulated a well-stocked toolbox of creative skills besides writing: graphic design, (web) programming, drawing, music (piano, trombone and saxophone), building paper models, crochet… Writing remains the focus in my professional development, but I’m grateful of my other skills when I build my own websites, illustrate my stories, and whatever else a project needs.

Want to know more? The rest of this website gives an impression of where all of this has led in the past. And of course, you can always contact me.