Pre-order ‘Werelden ontwaken’

9-11-2022 16:32

It’s time! On 22-11-22 my (Dutch) novella Winterwaker will be published as part of the story collection Werelden ontwaken (‘Worlds awaken’).

I’m holding a proof copy here, because we’ve only just ordered the a print run of the final version (with lots of small corrections). We? Yes, I’ve been working on this book together with a group of fantastic writers: Antoni Dol, Heleen van den Hooven, Marieke Frankema, Mariëlle Douma, Robin Rozendal and Tom Kruijsen.

I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve managed to create together. And of Winterwaker itself, because while this isn’t my first publication, it’s the first of which I can really say: yes, this is how I want to write. This style, this attention to characters and setting, these themes. Also not unimportant: it’s the first of the stories from Mennistriam that will be available to read for a wide audience, a promise of future stories, like the novel series about Thaoryn and various other stories that are still bouncing around in my head.

Werelden ontwaken can be pre-ordered until November 20 at (shipping to the Netherlands and Belgium), at a lower price than we’ll be able to offer later and with some fun extras. We’ll be doing our best to get the books in everyone’s mailboxes on November 22. Can’t wait that long? Read the first pages of Winterwaker here.

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