Herald teaser trailer

8-11-2022 17:03

It’s been quiet around Herald for a long time, but that is about to change! Earlier this year, I checked all the dialogue for the final chapters (“books”) of the game and, just like I did for the first half, gave the ship’s crew something to do and say iin every scene. With that, most of my work was done, but Wispfire has worked their butts off in recent months to get all the puzzle pieces in place and looking good. Last week they presented the first trailer for Herald: Book III & IV.

Does that look awesome or does that look awesome? What I love about Book III & IV is the way the mystery that just lurked in the background at first, is now really coming to the fore. In this second half of the story, you’ll get to know unexpected sides of the Herald’s crew and passengers and explore beautiful new locations, with tensions rising to new heights. Herald: Book III & IV is scheduled to release in 2023—the wait is almost over!

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