Start of Fictera: coaching writers

28-10-2021 12:30

The time has come! Under the banner of Fictera Schrijfcoaching I will coach writers to make their manuscript or short(er) stories the best they can be. You can read all about it (in Dutch) on

I’ve had the plan to do ‘something with’ editing or manuscript guidance for a long time. Early this year, the puzzle pieces fell into place and I finally knew how I wanted to go about it. There have been various hurdles to overcome since then, but now a website is up and the whole thing has been announced on Facebook—which makes it real, right?

In addition to the website, there is also a Facebook page and a terribly fun Facebook group. At the moment I have more plans with Fictera than I can manage, so I’m gradualy building up the website, online visibility, a blog, new services, and more.

Incidentally, the blog posts I published earlier on this website were always intended as a run-up to Fictera. The blog will be continued on and I still have to see if and how I want to keep using the blog feature on this website. Step by step!

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