Invisible update

6-11-2020 17:59

This news post might not seem so different from all the others, but it’s the first page that I’ve been able to add entirely from within the website itself. A small milestone in making my website more user-friendly—the user in question being me!

Initially, the site didn’t have a ‘back end’ at all: any changes had to be made directly in the database. That worked, but could get needlessly complicated. So a year or two ago I started writing the code that would make it easier, bit by bit. First of all I worked on moving the ‘islands’ on the front page, which used to be the most cumbersome job of all. The main text of the pages was up next: useful for quickly correcting a typo. Somewhat more recently, I picked up where I left off and saw to it that I could edit data like titles and dates, and create new pages. Yesterday I finally sat down to do something about tags. You don’t see them as a visitor, but I use tags for displaying news posts on the front page and on relevant project pages, so it’s quite an important feature!

Don’t you agree that looks a whole lot friendlier?

There’s still much that has to be edited directly in the database, like photo galleries, but it’s nice not to need that anymore for simple pages like news posts. It also makes my plans for starting a blog here sooner or later, considerably more attractive…

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