Herald coming to consoles

1-6-2020 20:29

Work on Herald is continuing steadily. While there is no news on a release date yet, Wispfire announced recently that the whole game—Book I & II that were published in 2017 plus the second half of the story, Book III & IV— will be released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! Of course the second half will also be available on PC like the first.

Although I only have my PC for gaming, I think this is fantastic news. I’ve noticed that especially with more relaxed games I often don’t really feel like sitting upright at my desk. With consoles, it’s much easier to play games while lounging on the couch and that seems a perfectly leisurely way to experience Herald’s interactive story.

Wispfire’s official news post can be found here.

Things have been quiet for me around Herald for a while, but in recent months the work has been piling up. Currently all dialogue text has been finalised and I’m finishing up the scripts for the voice actors. After all, we’d like to give them a somewhat easy to follow document rather than the files full of branching paths and references that I’ve been working in with writer Roy van der Schilden. He wrote a beautiful, layered, spectacular conclusion to the story and I can’t wait to hear the voice actors bring it to life!

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