Mennistriam on Facebook

28-4-2020 21:54

When something has been living in your head for too long, it needs to get out. At least, that is how it felt for the various stories I’m working on in the setting Mennistriam, and I guess it shouldn’t be surprising: the idea for Thaoryn arose more than ten years ago and her world has only grown richer in characters and stories ever since. For most of that time, I was still figuring out what way of writing a book actually works for me, and what kind of stories I want to tell. In short: nothing got finished, so there was nothing I could share.

I’ve come a long way with designing characters, stories, and world; far enough that I decided to create a Facebook page for them last month! Although there still aren’t any completed stories, I can share little previews, hoping to let people feel at least a little bit of my enthusiasm. You can find the page at: Unfortunately for international visitors, all content on the page will be in Dutch for now.

I’m still trying out what kind of posts work best on the page, both for me to write and for followers to read, but I’ve already received some nice comments so far. What’s more, the page passed 50 followers a while ago, prompting me to try and draw Thaoryn:

Ultimately, this page could be the starting point for promoting my stories and books, something that writers can’t start on early enough these days. But for now its main purpose is to make Mennistriam no longer just exist in my head.

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