Editing course completed!

9-4-2019 16:20

Graduated! Last weekend I went to the last meeting of the editing course I followed at the Schrijversacademie (Writers’ Academy). I started the basic course there about two years ago and moved on to the editing specialization halfway through last year. After months of editing texts, criticizing stories, making reading reports and writing blurbs, I received my certificate last Saturday.

Even before the specialization I’d already started exploring the editing profession, both in theory and practice, but it was incredibly instructive to get a comprehensive overview, a chance to exercise my skills, and to receive feedback on my work. Thanks to my great teacher and classmates, of course!

So what will be the next step? I’ll take it easy for a while, to get the last bits of burnout out of my system. I want to finish and publish a novella, and in the meantime update my website with future editorial work in mind. Speaking of work—not too long after my post about Herald in October, Wispfire got the financial means to finish the game, so I can regularly be found in Utrecht to discuss parts of the story. Wait, did I say ‘take it easy’?

I really enjoy being able to work on all kinds of things again and it’s becoming less and less common that I need to take a step back. Now that I’ve reached the Schrijversacademie milestone, I plan to post more updates online about the things I’m doing. I’ve already been doing this on Twitter lately and I’m looking for the best way to start updating this website more regularly as well. In short: to be continued!

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