Read Thaoryn in English

17-12-2018 13:37

… that is, the first two pages. I’ve meant to translate the excerpt for English-speaking visitors for a while, and I finally got around to doing it.

Of course I’m writing the novel in Dutch, and that’s not changing: I love my mother tongue and hope to contribute to the fantasy genre in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, the larger audience that an English version could offer is appealing as well. I’m not making any concrete plans until the book is finished, but ultimately I’d love for it to be translated, by me or someone else.

By the way, right now I’ve temporarily put Thaoryn aside to tell another story from her world, a way to explore both the setting and my writing methods from a different angle. It’s a story on a smaller scale in which a theft puts bonds of trust under tension, and it will be somewhere between a short story and a novella in length. I plan to get it published somewhere, so you’ll no doubt hear more about it.

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