‘In Memory’ special edition

27-3-2016 17:17

On March 12, 2015, Sir Terry Pratchett died. But, as he wrote himself in one of his books, one is not dead while their name is still spoken. And considering the impressive collection of books he left behind, I expect that he will stay alive in that way for a long time.

Years ago I devoured the ‘Schijfwereld’-books (as the Dutch translations are called) from the library, and later I bought the English paperbacks. They might have been the first English language books I ever read—although I can’t remember at which one I started. Discworld will always remain an important source of inspiration for me: because of the humour and bizarreness with which at times very recognisable and topical concepts are made tangible, but also because of how human the characters are—even if they are trolls, vampires, or anthropomorphic personifications. For me, the best stories are those in which all important events are caused by the characters (as opposed to, for example, chance or an external force). Most Discworld books are masterful examples of that.

In November, I and a number of other Pratchett fans published the book ‘In Memory: A Tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett’. On March 12, exactly one year after his death, we bring you a new edition. Apart from changing the order of the stories and fixing some minor errors, the book also has a new cover design. Hopefully this generates some new interest in the book (and thus more profit for Alzheimer’s Research UK!).

For those who are interested, these are the old cover (left) and the new one (right):

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