New old stories

2-2-2016 18:54

On the page ‘About me’ you can read that I’ve been writing stories all my life. I have heaps of old stories; some of them I don’t dare open, let alone show to people, but others I’m still proud of. Two of those stories can now be read on this website. If you can read Dutch, that is.

The longer of the two, Tocht naar Hellemondshaven (‘Voyage to Hellmouth’s Harbour’), is about a voyage aboard a peculiar ship, with a pious stowaway and an expert on multiversology. I wrote it in the winter of 2007/2008 for a story contest on a writing forum, and even won a prize. Looking back after all those years I’m still happy with the story, although I did clarify the end a bit and improved a sentence here and there.

The other story, Eendagskapper (‘One Day Barber’), is a few months older and a bit shorter. It’s a not too serious story about an unusual hairdresser appointment, seen from two sides.

Maybe I’ll dig up more old stories to give them a place on the site. I like the idea of having a permanent library of my more successful scribblings. And new short stories? There is one haunting my mind, but for the moment Thaoryn lays claim to all writing time, because I want to finish the first draft of the first book in half a year. Moreover I want to send that short story, once finished, to some writing contest or another and usually that means it can’t have been published online.

So you’ll have to manage with just old stories for a while. In a way that is a good thing: I’m taking writing so seriously that I can’t just show everything to the world like that! And if you do want to read a more recent story (or any story in English, for that matter!) you can always buy In Memory!

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