Big website update

5-7-2015 22:06

I’ve added a large number of projects to the website. When going to the right on the front page, you’ll now find three LARPs from Stichting Lore-ley: Riven (2010), Failsafe (2011) and BlackHackZ (2013). Going down you’ll find a couple of school projects, all three of them from 2010: Glashelder (‘Crystal Clear’), Orde van de Basilisk (‘Order of the Basilisk’) and De bruid van Zuylen (‘The bride of Zuylen’). Finally, to the left and bottom left you’ll find two digital games from 2009: Exodus and TurtleBytes. I’m planning to add a couple more old projects, but this is most of them.

Rummaging through old pictures and files is fun, but it also makes me want to work on new things! Herald is coming along nicely, and we’re also resuming work on Xenophobia. Sadly, Thaoryn is on the back burner for a short time because of that other writing project, that I should be able to make a page for soon. (In the meantime: I wrote a short blog post here on my story and memories in general.) And there might be more exciting things coming...

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