Herald Kickstarted!

28-5-2015 11:43

The Kickstarter for Herald was a success! Click here for the news post on the Kickstarter page. May 25 was the final day, and with a total of €17.617, contributed by 594 backers, nothing stands in our way to turn this into a fantastic game.

I’ve concerned myself a bit less with Herald lately, because the focus was on the Kickstarter campaign and the demo and less on the story. I mostly helped here and there with, for example, the technical side of the dialogues in the game. The most fun was inputting Polish texts for a translated version of the demo, that could be played on a convention in Cracow! But as soon as team Wispfire has caught their breath after these busy times, we’re going to resume work on chapter two of the story. I’m looking forward to it.

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