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Dragons are extinct, everyone knows that. Nevertheless, all of Rukasford has seen how wandering swordswoman Thaoryn slayed a black dragon. It almost makes up for her strange features and unwomanly profession—until gaps appear in her story and she has no other choice but to flee.

How much exactly she messed up only becomes apparent when a wizard uses her greatest secret to force her into his service. In her attempts to get rid of him, she gets ever more entangled in a conflict in which she can’t afford to trust anybody.


‘Thaoryn’ is the working title of a fantasy story for which the first idea sprang up more than ten years ago. On the surface, it’s about dragons and magic, but ultimately it is a story about a woman trying to get a grip on her past, present, and future, in a world that appears to have no place for her.

For a long time the story has been on the back burner as a hobby project, but in recent years I’ve been working on it more seriously. It will likely cover two books when it’s finished.

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