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Orde van de Basilisk


Orde van de Basilisk (‘Order of the Basilisk’) is a mix between an interactive story and a treasure hunt. Together with classmate Rik van Duijn, I developed the idea and produced part of it as a playable experience, plus a trailer, in seven weeks in 2010. Most of the pictures on this page have been taken by our test player.

Our intent was that ultimately, participants should be able to play through the story in their own time, without a game master’s intervention. That could take days, weeks, or months, depending on the speed of playing. It starts with a letter, after which the player slowly uncovers a mystery through many puzzles and clues. The search often leads him outside into the city (Utrecht in this case).

An important element in finding clues was the ‘library’. This machine was activated by holding a special book against it, allowing the player to input the right code and be rewarded with a document containing new information. Codes could be found using clues in the book or in documents from the machine, but also on expeditions around the city.

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