Herald gets voice acting

28-5-2016 18:23

The picture says it all, really. The characters of Herald will get voices! This was always meant to happen, but it has long been uncertain if we’d find the money. If not, the game would be released without voices, and they’d be added later. Thanks to the ‘Stichting Democratie & Media’ (Democracy & Media Foundation) that isn’t necessary, and our characters will be able to make themselves heard from day one!

One small drawback is that, because of the extra work, Herald part 1 won’t be released until September. But: in return it’ll be an even greater game! More information can be found in an official announcement on the Steam website. And if you happen to know (or be) a good voice actor who is interested in bringing one of Herald’s characters to life: let us know at!

It’s always great to see how everything is coming together. The core of the game is there; now it’s ‘just’ tweaking, adding details, and making everything run smoothly. As the story team, we’ve moved on to the details as well. The storyline and dialogues for this part are finished, so we’re concerning ourselves with the things that happen in the background, and the interesting trivia you can encounter on the ship. I’m enjoying myself: I love making a storyworld more lively this way.

There is still much to do, but the end of the voyage is getting closer...

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